Cloud Hosting

Data Centre Services

Winning organizations know they need to be innovative and agile but providing better technology-enabled experiences demands digital business transformation that starts at the infrastructure layer.

By modernizing infrastructure, delivering better digital initiatives and doing both securely and efficiently, organizations can reduce time to value and bring ground-breaking applications and performance improvements faster.

Cloud Services

Cloud is ever evolving. It means different things to different organisations. Spectar can help make sense of this space and offer cloud solutions for any requirement help increase efficiency, time-to-value and instil business confidence.

Spectar has an extended relationship by being a Microsoft Azure partner, we are your local Azure Cloud experts that really understand technology. That includes architecting scalable infrastructure, DevOps management of CI/CD pipelines, continuous network, telemetry monitoring, business continuity & security.

Take advantage of our first-class technical expertise to design, implement and manage Microsoft Azure services for you so you can spend more time driving business innovation and growth, and less time on day-to-day configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of IT systems.

Professional Services

  • Cloud Solution Design and Consulting
  • Migration Services to Cloud
  • Identify cost savings and lower risks with cloud management and governance
  • Get to market faster using DevOps
  • Extend existing on-premises investments through hybrid cloud architectures
  • Modernize data centre infrastructure for success
  • End-to-end data centre infrastructure solutions and services
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