Education - Improved student experience resulting into higher enrollment rate

Renowned Australian Educational Institute with an annual enrollment capacity of 1200+ students significantly reduced their student onboarding cycle time by 88% after adopting Intelligent process automation.

With improved student experience they could not only gain higher mindshare among the agency ecosystem but also had increased opportunity conversion rates. They could reduce their operational cost by 57% and met 100% of the compliance criteria.

Education - Kick-starting Enterprise Test Automation

A Leading Australian University was looking to kick-start Enterprise-wide automated testing due to limited budgets, challenging schedules and lack of in-house capability. After assessing the challenges, Spectar recommended an AI-powered Salesforce Scan feature, which creates or updates the entire automation model of a Salesforce organization in under 90 seconds, saving hundreds of man hours to fuel up the SFDC implementation program for their Research Division.

Spectar’s ability to execute automated test cases for every sprint on time led to tremendous boost in confidence of the program team accountable for the outcome. Spectar went an extra mile to enable the incumbent Testing team into the journey of automation and made them resilient towards change.

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