Gartner recognises Spectar Group as one of the Top Consulting/Implementation & Managed service providers Globally

Spectar Group has been named and recognized as one of the top global service providers in the hyperautomation consulting-implementation & Managed services space in the 2021 Gartner Competitive Landscape: Hyperautomation Service Providers.

The Gartner Competitive Landscape: Hyperautomation Service Providers report published on 11th December 2020, provides insights & trends on the Hyperautomation market, covering the enabling technologies, process-specific technologies, consulting and system integration opportunities, future Hyperautomation technology adoption, competitive landscape service providers and more. The report names market players who are leading service providers in the Hyperautomation Consulting & Implementation, and Managed Services categories.

According to Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Hyper automation is the #1 Trending Technologies for the last two consequent years.

Spectar Group has pioneered in building a cross function “automation on demand” as a service platform for Enterprises which is better known as “DIGIASSIST” powered by RPA/AI/ML/Deep learning to assist with their automation needs suitably aligned with the specifics of each enterprise.

We see this recognition as a testament to the innovative solutions we’ve been pioneering to the market with our Digital Worker/DigiAssist model, where we take complete ownership of the outcome and really deliver on the promised benefits. As a bootstrapped start up, we’re very grateful to our customers and partners for their continued support in our quest to make Aussie firms more competitive in the global marketplace.

Manu Jha, Strategic Account Director at Spectar Group

As a leading Australian & an award-winning Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consultancy in Australia, Spectar has strong partnerships with some of large technology partners of global repute, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, SAP Intelligent RPA, Microsoft, and AWS.

Spectar Group has developed an in-house state of the art hyper automation Centre of Excellence & project delivery capability that can bring deep point expertise, as well as dedicated resources to support enterprises globally.

Gartner Analysts select the top service providers from an extensive list for hyperautomation vendors from across the globe. Key factors for evaluating the Hyperautomation service providers include methodology, skill sets, specialist vertical knowledge, process knowledge, partner ecosystem, services & proprietary solutions, geographic knowledge, pricing and others.

Earlier during the year 2019, Spectar Group was honoured and recognised as “Partner of the Year” by Automation Anywhere, the leading end-to-end automation platform provider. With continuous focus in leveraging automation to build futuristic solutions, Spectar Group have been an industry catalyst and have delivered successful transformation projects across large enterprises including Federal and State Government. We are committed to customer success and led by a pool of handpicked, talented and experienced Technology evangelists.

We thank our employees, customers and partners for enabling us to achieve this success milestones.

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