RPA Consulting Services

Consult. Collabrate. Co-create.

Spectar RPA practitioners work across industries and business functions that enriches their experience of pain points, risks and and practices that work. We collate, harvest and re-invest those learnigns, methodologies and best practices to help clients build success stories.

Use our experience to reduce your screentime on adminstrative repetative tasks and instead spend your time on strategic customer engagements.


COVID 19 is driving business to deliver more with less. Health Insurance Industry is one of the cornerstone in our fight against this pandemic. Spectar offers to team-up with Health Insurance Industry in its fight against this pandemic. Our pre-built digital-workers for Transfer Certificate (TC) and Intercompany fund transfer (ICCR) and many other industry relevant processes can be engaged with a click.Customer retention and acquisition are one of the mission critical for sustenance. Contact us for more details.

“The #NewNormal ” explores ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic might adjust, shape, or reorder the world across multiple dimensions. The local Governments have been the steering factor in overall success of the community at large. With a view to partner in the crisis situation Spectar is offering skilled digital assistants to perform Council operations across critical applications like TRIM, Authority to name a few.Digital assistants are available to improve employee experience without compromising on the business continuity at a click.
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