Adopting RPA? Gradually scale up.

Over the past years, there has been intensifying interest in robotics and in the application of cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies, across the functional areas within an organisation. Robotic process automation (RPA) is already delivering value, and early movers in shared services and other administrative organizations are achieving significant benefits.

With the fast-paced change in dynamics today’s essence of organisational success has been to “Evolve & Build the digital DNA”: Lessons learnt from the culmination of multiple experiences in assisting the business innovation leaders from some of the most reputed organisation adopt RPA & derive benefits has been encapsulated in this report. This report provides a framework to help organizations assess their digital maturity levels and effectively navigate the adoption approach of RPA in their digital transformation journey.

Building your digital DNA explores three core factors organizations should consider when looking to improve their digital maturity levels – leadership to adopt, acclimatise to change and encompass the wider digital strategy. In order to build endurance and hit the long mile we have made few recommendations below, if followed can guarantee success as desired.

Some conventional leadership experiences remain critical to success in adopting RPA as the game changer in this NextGen digital era, complimented with dynamic combination of new mind-sets, desire to change, digital knowledge and skills.

Spectar encourages the business innovation leaders to be the torch bearers for the larger community and walk the path by starting with a slow & small proof of concept and drip feed the motion of change driven by RPA adoption towards embedding a digital culture into their organizations.

Build, Sustained change management, and delivering in scale is a significant challenge that can hinder the success of digital strategies. From tiny steps to meaningful outcome, organizations must be prepared to adapt in order to create an environment that continuously attracts patronage and engages the management with a compassionate view at the frontline employees

This framework will help you explore how the initial blueprint stage supplemented with a thoughtful deployment of an automated cognitive process or a workflow can play role of a winner for a longer-term success in the journey of embracing RPA.

Typically, organizations embarking on digital journey travels through four phases of organizational design defined by the capabilities required, how they are structured, and the mechanisms in place to govern them.

While not all organizations will benefit from realizing all four phases, we can learn from those that have adopted different models and designs over time.

This framework explores how Spectar has been supportive to the change leaders and helping them reap humongous benefits from scaling up their digitalisation efforts in the long run, without letting them hit the wall & get burnt out.


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