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Specia Digital Workers are a pool of digital employees with functional, cognitive and analytical abilities to emulate human employees, and are available for hire on a monthly contract basis.

Specia Digital Worker team is experienced to perform several end-to-end processes including reading emails, extracting email attachments, extracting data from an attachment, supplementing data based on business rules, entering data in various ERP / CRM systems, and generating business reports. Hire a Digital Worker to help perform tasks in Customer Service, Finance, Procurement and HR.

Meet our Digital Workers : 
Elliot managing invoicing at Carpet Court, Bob managing sales orders for Föhl, Petrobo performs pet registration at a city council

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Meeting time, cost, and quality help in measuring an IT project done right. Realising the benefits affirms future success. Whilst this is true for most projects, business driven RPA projects, incubated, delivered, and measured on business benefits is the key metric we strive for.

RPA projects can deliver quick measurable benefits and ROI. However, with greater than 70% of costs going towards services and support, a lean RPA specific delivery methodology is ideal. In our experience delivery methodologies suited to larger enterprise programs may hinder not just the ROI , but make employee onboarding and change rollout difficult.

Spectar’s value proposition of a proprietary digital assistant and delivery methodology, supported by a lean experienced team of RPA consultants are all critical success factors for an RPA project..


What Our Clients Say

  • We engaged Spectar Group to fix the challenges we were having with automating an Accounts Payable process. Our experience with the Spectar Group Team was fantastic. Reflecting on the experience, I am very pleased with the fact that the project was delivered in record time and was able to deliver on all the business KPI’s. The Spectar Group team was flexible, very experienced, and easy to work with.
  • Spectar and Tricentis help global organizations address the dynamic challenges of today’s business world. Together, we empower customers to innovate faster, optimize costs and reduce their business risk. With a record of accomplishment and a nuanced understanding of system environments, Spectar keeps enterprises on the path to success.As a Tricentis Partner, Spectar has more than 6 Tricentis certified practitioners. Together, Spectar and Tricentis help clients accelerate their release cycles by up to 80%, achieve end-to-end test automation rates of 90%, and obtain more than 85% business risk coverage. By enabling continuous integration and delivery, we enable clients to successfully achieve their business outcomes in today’s digital landscape.
    Brent Dixon, Director of Consultancy Services (Asia-Pacfic)
  • A great experience to work with such helpful, friendly and competent people. It became obvious to us early on, that Spectar have a high level of software development competence and a genuine depth of hands-on product knowledge. This was invaluable to us during our product discovery, document development and automation development phases of RPA. Spectar’s commitment was instrumental in our success.
    Gillian Vosper, Program Manager
    University of Tasmania
  • We engaged Spectar very early in the RPA journey once we realised we did not have the inhouse capability. Spectar have been great in helping us with process identification and solution design. They have trained our DevOps and Digital teams so we could maintain these solutions in house after deployment. They are a critical part of our RPA journey.
    Kate Bower, Data Analyst
  • I worked with the Spectar team on a Salesforce implementation aimed at automating and streamlining the researcher’s lifecycle.As the Senior Project Manager, I was impressed with the team’s performance and agility.The testers were introduced midway through the project, in an environment where automation testing was a new concept.Despite these challenges, they helped us understand best practice, automation testing metrics and the parameters for a successful strategy.I was also impressed with their communication skills including timely reporting and escalation of issues. Reflecting on this experience, I’m very pleased with the return on investment generated as the project is able to regression test the solution before each release in few hours, allowing testers and other team members to focus on other tasks.
    Noha Shaban, Sr Project Manager
    La Trobe University

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April 23, 2021

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Gartner conducted primary research using a questionnaire method. For the purposes of this study, it surveyed 41 RPA service providers. These 41 service providers would collectively represent more than 90% of the RPA service market.
February 21, 2021
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