Councils Digitise For Resilience

A Timely Paradigm Shift

COVID made digitalisation as fundamental to human Resilience than just a Productivity Driver

During COVID, Public Services Providers including councils have invested heavily in their IT Infrastructure, explored simplification, digitisation and subsequently AI enabled automation of citizen-centric processes. Since last year we, at Spectar, are seeing heightened interest from among council leaders to improve service delivery resilience.

What are people saying?.

“The new end-to-end digitised automated pet registration process has resulted in prompt acknowledgement, faster turn-around means compliance to SLAs and improved analytics for future improvements.” Pet Registration SMEs

But here is definitely room for more . The sentiment is echoed by people through different feedback channels alike the honourable Minister for Customer Service, Mr Victor Dominello post on LinkedIn (ref below).

We at Spectar have developed and deployed digital assets that not only elevated customer experience, but also has made council operations relatively more resilient disruptions. These assets can be instantly reused to help more councils nationally to improve and automate the pet registration process and many others.

We would love to have a chat with you or relevant area within the council to share how these councils and will benefit from automating pet registration.

Feel free to download our council case study using the link below.

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